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Founder of Horizon in 2018, Eric has been a headhunter since 2007.
Formerly HR Manager in Paris, Brussels and Taipei, Eric has been based in Shanghai since 2013 with his family, and originally comes from Marseille.


Jade LI

Original from Beijing, used to live and work in Canada, Jade worked more than 20 years in Human Resources for Pharmacy, FMCG, Digital and Advisory sectors.
Jade is a French and English speaker.


Fang Fang ZHU

Fang Fang is from Fujian province. She is living now in Zhangzhou, in the South of China.
Fang Fang used to be in HR in Manufacturing in Xiamen. Before that, she used to work for Customer Support in Energy.
She decided to resume her studies for a Master’s Degree in HR in Singapore in 2022.
Fang Fang is an English speaker.


Shirley NI

Shirley is Shanghainese, and she studied and worked in the United States.
She previously worked in HR in Financial Services in Shanghai.
Shirley is an English speaker.



Jay is from Weihai, Shandong province, studied and worked in Canada.

She has relevant experience in Retail, Finance and E-Commerce industries.
Living in Weihai, Jay is an English speaker.


Our scope



From Shanghai for Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou …



From Shanghai for Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore …



From Shanghai for Paris …


From Shanghai for Brussels, Lisbon, Rome …

Our corporate culture
and purpose

Performance and humanism

Deliver in an efficient, effective and respectful manner, respecting the specific requirements of stakeholders.

Act simply and transparently for an easy and effective experience for both companies and candidates.

Make companies efficient and enable men and women to thrive

Help companies and individuals together sustain their contributions and efforts, in a strong-willed, long-term and reasonable manner.

Our missions


From fully understanding your needs, to reworking and developing them if necessary, we will take care of your recruitment project from A to Z.

Recruitment is most often complex, specific or confidential.

We strive to provide the best experience for customers and candidates.

We provide support for employees through to tracking their induction program and their performance.


Based on a long interview and knowing your situation, we produce an assessment report followed by a debriefing for any new employee, potential promotion or potential transfer.

We of course work to ensure the employee is integrated into their new role or new position in the best way possible.


We train your managers and HR managers in recruitment and assessment according to your corporate culture.


We support people with refining their career path, and, if the case may be, with leaving their current company.

We help them make to convince during the recruitment process, settle them in their new positions and help them perform in the best way possible.

Our methods


Understanding of your challenges and situation.
Understanding of your specificities, codes and corporate culture.
Discovery of decision makers.
Project management according to your schedule and budget.
Matching of skills, profession, sector, personality, team and development scenarios.
Management of priorities regarding the desired profile.
Recommendations according to your needs.


Specific approach to candidates.
Quick presentation of the company’s business plan.
Interview in English, Mandarin and / or French, face-to-face or by video.
Focus on:
– the professional project
– skills
– motivation tools
– and of course personality.
We conduct one or even two interviews with the candidate depending on the languages used and the differences in objectives.

Follow-up and support

Presentation of the candidate and drafting of a summary.
Organization of interviews, briefing and debriefing.
Analysis of key points and follow-up.
Proposal of a business case to be made by the candidates.
Support alongside the decision-makers of the recruited candidate.
Reference taking, moral behavior inquiry if necessary, and salary verification.
Negotiation of the job offer with the candidate.
Follow-up and support in cases involving a resignation.
Support to help the employee settle in and integrate in the best way possible.

Recruitment of professionals, from young graduates to managers.

Our partners


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